I have always loved Hotel and Resort interior design projects, especially if they are close to the sea, which is often the case with Resort Hotels. It’s an exciting journey from start to finish and what I feel, brings out the best in the quality of our work. It is often the case that larger commercial interior design projects allow for longer planning time, which enables us to brain storm our ideas and get them down visually for our clients to see. Being involved from the start also gives us the chance to work closely with the project architects and builders, a good understanding and relationship is vital for a successfully delivered project.

Over the years we have worked on the design of new build hotels as well as the refurbishment of old buildings. The process is pretty much the same, but often with a new build it is more straightforward, as you are not having to work around old beams or limiting spaces, but working to create the optimum living space, within the agreed budgets.

At Pisani Designs we are well versed in designing guest accommodation, having worked as the interior design team on many hotels and resorts, as well as all the related guest facilities,  entry lobby, bars, restaurants and wellness spas.  As well as creating working drawings in 2D, we are often asked to prepare photo realistic 3D images, to help convey the design concepts and I’m happy to say, that the finished project always outshines the 3D work, surpassing our clients expectations.

I find it exciting to watch a hotel project unfold, the walls we designed being built, and the cabinetry we drew being made into pieces of furniture.  And as the dust begins to settle, it’s often our team who are the last ones out before the hotel opens, we are used to working to tight deadlines!

As you fade into the background and watch the first guests enjoy their holidays, happy and relaxed, that’s when you know all the hard work and planning has paid off…….

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