Don’t be put off by planning applications, building control, even if they sound complex and time consuming. I hear so many building consent horror stories, “waiting for ages and then not getting what we wanted, so whats the point “ really doesn’t have to be that way !

Based in Brighton, where the majority of our design projects are home interior design, we are confident that we can help you every step of the way. Buying a new home or embarking on major redevelopment of an existing home are big commitments, so why not commit to getting it right and getting exactly what you want, no compromise !

As Interior designers in Brighton and Hove, we live and work in a city where many properties are listed and in conservation areas. We can assist you from the early planning stages, to space planning, interior architecture, interior detailing, furniture and fit out.

If exterior alterations are required, we can prepare all the relevant drawings, fill in the required documentation and track your application once it has been submitted to the council. The planning department will want to see all documentation presented correctly, which will enable the process to run smoothly.

Other areas which may seem daunting, are building regulations and structural engineers, but they need not be. Building regulations want to know that things are being done correctly and a structural engineers calculations, will ensure that required structural walls are built correctly, things that will protect your interests long term.

As well as home interior design, we also undertake office interior design and restaurant interior design  where the same principles apply. If you would like to discuss your interior design project further, or have any questions on the above please email us on or call us on 07793 838353.