We are just putting together the finishes on the interior design for a new build private residence in Tenerife. This has a been a long term job for us, 15 months in total. In fact I wrote a previous blog about the villa back in July 2013. All the hard work is now finally paying off.

When working on a project of this scale, actually, any project we are part of, it’s our attention to detail that sets us aside from the rest. We believe in supporting our clients, helping them create their dream homes and this was certainly no exception. In some places this beautiful house has 7 meter high ceilings, 3 meter high internal doors and bespoke cabinetry work to die for! We spent many hours lovingly designing all the ceiling mouldings and coving, which we stepped in certain areas to gradually descend to a lower level, this has helped to soften areas with very high ceilings. We also did the full lighting design, internally and externally, taking care to ensure evenly distributed light, as well as ambient lighting.

The furniture items were designed for each room and all fitting perfectly to ensure a seamless feel and flow throughout.

We have shown a few detail shots of the interiors, but should you want to know more about this project or the level of services we are able to provide please get in touch.