With so many home improvement television programmes and design related web sites, we are all suddenly realising the potential to achieve our ultimate home. A few years back, interior designers were expected to come in at the end and wave their magic wands as a finishing detail, rather than be part of the project from day one. Its great for me as an interior designer in Brighton   to see how much things have changed and how Im being challenged to create better, more innovative designs with every project I work on.

Its key for me now to introduce interior architecture into all my projects and I recently enjoyed converting a disused bedroom, being used as a storage room for boxes, into a lovely family bathroom. Surprisingly, this lovely Victorian house had no family bathroom, but boasted five bedrooms, one of which would have originally been the main bathroom.  There was a bathroom or sorts, no windows, located under the stairs, very cramped and dark. I was delighted when the clients contacted me to work on their house re design, with a family bathroom being one of the top priorities.

I prepared interior architecture plans  of the room, one back wall needed to be moved, ceilings dropped and a new lighting plan was also required. I wanted to make this room something really special, with enough space to accommodate a luxury freestanding bathtub and walk in wet area. Ive  become a huge fan of under floor heating in the last few years, so I wanted to be sure I could get that in too !

Initially, my clients couldn’t believe that their old store room could possibly become this room I was showing them on plan, how ever many times I explained that all drawings were to scale.

I particularly enjoyed working on the lighting design , to help make that free standing bath experience something special. I introduced overhead recess down lights on dimmers, a wall mirror with built in lighting and my favourite, the hanging glass pendant lights either side of the bathtub, IP rated so safe for bathroom wet areas. In the electrical lighting plan, I specified each lighting element as having its own individual circuit, which allows you to control exactly how much lighting you want and which lights you want switched on and off.

The end result is lovely, my clients are delighted and I sincerely hope that they will enjoy their new family bathroom for years to come.

Does your home need a new bathroom, a re think or some advise to help you create that ultimate room you recently saw on a home improvement web site. Want to know more ? get in touch, we would love to hear from you !