I’m really enjoying one of our new projects, on London’s Fulham Road.

We have been contracted by a property managing agent to redesign the lobby for one of their stylish apartment blocks. I always enjoy my projects in London, and am making the most of the opportunity to window shop in the high end Interior design shops in Chelsea.

For a change I’m working with a number of clients, both the managing agent and the committee of owners who live in the building. Everyone is really positive and the committee, especially, are excited about the new interiors we are creating and the added value and style it will bring to their property.

This is the first time we have worked with a managing agent and it’s great they appreciate that this type of work is best done by professional interior designers.

The designs, which you can see above, have been agreed and we are now preparing job specifications, which will go to builders for tender.

Hopefully work should commence at the start of August and finish by the end of the same month. I’ll keep you posted with progress!

Until next time,

Annette Pisani.