There’s something very exciting about commercial interior design, especially our current restaurant interior design project at Perla Gris in Tenerife. That’s not to say that I don’t love residential interior design, I do, both pose their own set of challenges. With every interior design job I undertake, I feel it’s important to come out with new creative ideas clients will love.


The Perla Gris client in Tenerife knows us well and after nine years of working together, Im happy to say, we have a great working relationship.


The free flow of the new restaurant interior design is very exciting, pushing a few boundaries to create exactly what we were asked to do and more. The brief:


To give them a new look, create intimate dining areas, add colour, warmth, texture, good lighting and in the words of the client “excite them” ..


The new interior design scheme, focuses mainly on the internal wall finishes, incorporating herringbone variegated patterning, and timber block textured walls and columns. The floor to ceiling black and white wall murals, are images of the Tenerife coastline, purchased from a locally based photographer. The banquet and booth style seating all bespoke designs, need I say more!


The existing bar, with its stone clad front, has been maintained as it still looks good, what was missing was a strong connection between the three main areas, bar, bar area and restaurant.


The restaurant and bar occupies a huge space and one of our main objectives, was to create smaller, more intimate dining areas. At maximum capacity the restaurant and bar seats up to 120 people and if everyone talks at the same time, it can get quite noisy!


We set about introducing a new colour scheme with the different wall finishes, furniture fabrics and a new lighting scheme, with three different types of hanging pendant lights. All fabrics are commercially produced with a high a rub test and a stain resistant coating, to ensure longevity.


The majority of the supplies were sourced in Tenerife and mainland Spain and the team putting it together, are the hotel staff, from the management, to the in-house maintenance team. They are great to work with, very skilled and after years of working together, used to following my interior design and interior architecture drawings.


I was lucky enough to be in Tenerife last week, overseeing the progress on site, whilst also enjoying the sunshine,someone has to do it :-). No matter how many projects I’ve managed over the years, I still get a huge buzz, working on site watching design projects unfold into reality. It’s so important to be available on site, to work along side the build team and ensure that any potential problems are dealt with, as and when they arise.


I’m really looking forward to seeing it all finished and having time to really appreciate all the interior design detailing as it comes to life. The furniture is scheduled to arrive at the end of August, so I will post updated pictures soon..


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