A tribute to Mary Fox Linton, the interior design goddess, who has been described by the media as “the Grand dame of Groovy”…!

Mary Fox Linton is an Internationally renowned Interior Designer, having designed some iconic luxury hotels, in London and far flung places like the Caribbean and Tokyo, to mention a few.

Mary started to create waves in the design world back in the 70’s, when she decided to focus her skills on interior architectural projects, having undertaken large private residences in the UK and overseas. The next natural step in her career was department stores, shops and historical buildings, which led to greater things…

By the 90’s, Mary designed the interiors for 1 Aldwych (pictured above), setting a new benchmark for boutique hotel design all over the world.

Today, Mary Fox Linton’s company, Fox Linton, has established a reputation for World Class hotel design and is associated with some of the most iconic luxury hotels, making her one of my all time heroes.

My own company, Pisani Designs, specialises in commercial interior design, and like Fox Linton, we work on a lot of hotel and resort interior design projects.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can add a bit of ”Mary magic” to your hotel interior.