Working as an interior designer in Brighton, I regularly meet couples looking to extend their family home or fully refurbish, rather than incur the cost of moving. I’m a great believer in refurbishing vs moving, as you will end up with exactly what you want and moving wont necessarily guarantee that. You may end up with more space, but still another interior that needs work and once you’ve moved, busy lifestyles take over and interior design gets forgotten.


It’s also really important to remember, that even if you’ve employed an architect, interior architecture needs be considered and planned to make the space work. There is a slight misperception that once an architect has completed his drawings and on paper it looks like it all fits, nothing else is required, but interior architecture is just as important and should not be bypassed.


I meet so many people, who take their architects drawings and run, get builders in to build a space and then once its completed, start to wonder how best to use their new space and that’s often when I get a call. By this time, important decisions have not been considered, like where is my sofa going to be placed, how many electrical sockets do I need and where should they go?


Lighting is so important, not just attractive fittings, light points and switches need to be in the correct location to avoid trailing wires and insufficient lighting. Storage needs to be planned, bathrooms designed and kitchens well planned and this is where a good interior architect will be able to help you. I would classify all built in elements as interior architecture and getting these details agreed, at the same time as agreeing drawings with your architect will ensure that the two elements, interior and exterior work well together.


Its also important to understand, that a good interior architect will prepare drawings, good enough for the builders and carpenters to work and quote from. With a written scope of work, a builder can quote accurately, as opposed to allowing for unknowns, which will push your build costs up.


So in short, we can work with you, to plan every built in aspect of your home, we can support you through the build stage and help make considerable savings. Once all that is done, we can support you to make your house beautiful, from wall coverings to fabrics, furnishings and artwork and our trade contacts mean great quality and good savings for you.


If you would like to know more and discuss your interior design project further, please email me on or call on 07793 838353.