annette-pisaniI often meet fabulously creative people at dinner parties who have very good taste and style. Sometime these same people ask me why they need an interior designer. As I have answered this question quite a few times now I thought it might be worth popping it down in a blog.

So here are 6 good reasons why hiring an Interior Designer might be a good idea.

1. Save money

If a designer is given sufficient time to plan a project, they have time to secure the best materials and suppliers at the best price. They can also manage the scheduling of builders and suppliers so they are only on site when required and can work effectively when they are, keeping hourly and daily rates down. A designer is in the market all the time and so also has more weight when negotiating costs for materials.

2. Save time

With proper scheduling there won’t be any unnescessary bottlenecks. Suppliers will be properly briefed and managed to deliver their work on time. A designer is not doing the work during the weekend or in the evenings. It is their main job so there are no distractions. This means they are focused on getting your design project finished on time and on budget.

3. Professional and quality workmanship

At Pisani Designs we don’t cut corners. You won’t ever hear us say ‘that’ll do’. Our reputation is on the line on every job so we want to make sure every project is completed to an extremely high quality. To achieve this we make sure we only use tradesman and materials we know and trust.

4. Style

We all have the ability to develop creative ideas for our homes and we always value our client’s input into our job. We consider it our role to understand our client’s tastes and lifestyle so we can design a home which truly reflects their personality in a consistent style throughout their home.

5. Improve your life

Above all else we believe our interior design service should make your life better, by giving you a sense of relaxation and pleasure in your home or by stimulating your employees to work better together.

6. Less stress for you

Moving and decorating your house can be one of the most stressful life experiences. A designer can take the stress out of the planning, costing and implementation and ensure a hassle free transition where you are able to sit back and enjoy seeing your house being transformed as opposed to the stress involved in trying to manage it with no or limited knowledge.


Have we convinced you? We hope so – please get in touch now to discuss your interior design needs further.